Michael Cracknell

About my photography

I have been into photography since I was at school - my first real camera was a Canon film camera, and I used to get through a lot of film taking dozens of photos. 

I bought my first digital SLR when I was 18, and this enabled me to only be restricted by the size of a memory card in the camera. 

I had a particular love for the Highlands of Scotland, combined with my hobby of photography, I was able to take some amazing images of rural Scotland. 

Seventeen years later, I still travel to Scotland to capture the amazing scenery with my camera, but I also love taking on location portrait photos, cars and weddings.

I did my first wedding 12 years ago, but it's really in the last two years that I have gained the most experience. Currently, my photography work is being overseen and guided by a national, award winning photographer, Lisa Beaney, enabling me to capture even better images of the most important day of someones' life.

I work full time in the week, but my ultimate goal to achieve in the next few years, is to be a full time photographer. I certainly believe I have the skills and quality to do it.